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Videos & Newsletters 

Videos are a new feature for the JHA webpage. Keep checking back as we add more.
Video #1. A bridge we will see on the 2013 Conference tour.
Video #2. The Reed-Niland Corner in Colo, Iowa--the intersection of the Jefferson and Lincoln Highways. Do you recognize anyone? This video was originally published on April 26, 2012 and was produced by Steve Muntz.

For a sneak peak at Dave Emerson's Keeping You on the Mother Road, Part 2 OK & TX and
the Jefferson Highway segment click here. He will be giving out this book to those attending the 2013 Jefferson Highway Conference.

As our newsletters are published we are going to display them right here. This way you can find ones that you may have missed or catch up if you are a new member. They will be in .pdf format so just pick the one you want to read and double click.

Newsletter Vol. 1, Ed. 1. September, 2011.
Thank you to Christine and Sherry Schwartz for our first newsletter.

Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 2. January, 2012. And, a big Thank You! to Scott Berka for getting this newsletter together for us.

Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 3. March 2012. Information on the 2012 annual JH conference.

Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 4. Summer 2012. Highlights from the 2012 Conference in Ames, Iowa

Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 5. Autumn 2012. Find out how to paint a sign thanks to Scott Berka.

Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue 1. Winter 2013. The 2013 Conference is coming up!

Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue 2. Spring 2013. The 2013 Conference is almost here!

Pittsburg State University Library in Pittsburg, Kansas, has a link to the historic newsletters of the Jefferson Highway Declaration. Read about the formation of the original association and news about the development of the highway.

Our Highway covers 2200 miles and it has a lot of things going on. For example there is a baseball tournament in Northern Minnesota called the Pine to Palm Tournament. We need lots of people sending us tidbits like that to help us flesh out the newsletter and make it something to look forward to. 

We would like to hear about what is going on in your community. Of course events that are oriented around the Jefferson Highway are the cream of the crop but we will put information about other local events that may be happening on or near the Jeff. Baseball tournaments, centennials, road rallies, curling bonspiels, car shows, giant barbeques or anything that might be fun for a JH traveler to attend.
The more reasons we have for people to travel on our Highway the better!

Just send us your local info for our next newsletter and we will give your town or event a plug.