Resident recalls childhood along the Jefferson Highway
This newspaper article is from the Albert Lea (MN) Tribune, Sunday, November 24, 1991, sent to us by JHA Facebook follower Holly Krekula. The article is in two pieces and there are two photographs. I'll let Holly introduce the article in her own words, from her email:

"My father grew up along the JH near Clarks Grove, MN, a small town near the Iowa border, in the 1920s & 30s. He wrote an article about his childhood reminiscences which was published in the Albert Lea (MN) Tribune in 1991. I came across it again today and was wondering if you would like to put it on your website. It's rather long, 30 paragraphs, but there's a lot of general highway history as well as his recollections.

I'm also including two family photos. The first is of the Groten family before the final boy was born. My dad, John, is the oldest boy (back row). The second is of the entire family. How fitting that they are posing by a neighbor's car! My dad is the one holding a cat. Actually, this is the only known photograph of the family. Not long after their house caught on fire (probably from a faulty stove) and their father perished in the fire. In the article my dad didn't mention that to help make ends meet, they sold soda pop, candy, and I think produce, to travelers driving by. "

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