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Maps of the Jefferson Highway Association

Members are working away to find maps or develop maps of the Jefferson Highway. The previous complete north to south map we had on the website is no longer available to us. We apologize for any inconvenience.

In the meantime, check out this Google map of the entire length of the Jefferson by Tima Svododa as sent to David Stearns.

We need VOLUNTEERS. Would YOU like to help map the Jefferson Highway in your state? Or just your neighborhood? We need volunteers from all states (and province) to help. Email Glenn Smith or David Stearns, the board member who is coordinating our efforts.

♦ ♦ Oklahoma State University - Digital Maps
♦ ♦ 
Inventory of the Rand McNally and Company Records
♦ ♦ Academic and Special Libraries - Links to several libraries
♦ ♦ More links to more maps - University of Kansas

In the meantime, here is an interesting map of the Transcontinental Routes (Be patient. It is a large map and may be slow to load). Note: the Jefferson bypasses Arkansas! Here is the map from a
1922 Jefferson Highway Tourist Guide showing the route before Arkansas was added. In 1926, the numbered highway system was created and the Jefferson Highway, along with the other named highways, faded away. And another Historic Map
  (that does not include Arkansas).

Other Tourist Guides of interest:
(both are large documents and may be slow to download)
International Tourist Guide from 1923
Jefferson Highway 1923 Tourist Camp Manual
Jefferson Highway 1929 Mileage and Map

The path of the Jefferson Highway though Canada and the United States:
Minnesota: How about a drive through southern Minnesota county?
  Take a tour through Alberta Lea or from Iowa to Alberta Lea.
Iowa: Travel through Iowa on the Jefferson Highway with this google map.
Missouri: Clinton County, Missouri, plat map. Courtesy of Stan Hendrix. Cameron, Missouri
Kansas: University of Kansas digital maps
Oklahoma: Jefferson Highway--Oklahoma State Tour Guide by Jane Ballard
Arkansas: 1915 map showing route possibilities through the
Texas: Description of the route in Texas